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Hi brothers and pledges! My name is Kimberly Gregory and am a brother studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for the spring semester. I pledged Spring '13 and am a Bastard Orphan (aka best family ever)!!!

I am a rising senior studying Family Science and Sociology. After I graduate I plan to go onto graduate school to get my Master's in Education and Certificate in Teaching. Because I am not an education major at UMD I really wanted to expand my knowledge of child development and growing diversity in schools so I chose to come to Denmark where the model of education is significantly different than ours. Here I am able to work in a public school (9th grade classes) so I can really get the hands-on experience of working in the Danish classrooms. I was also able to travel with my class to Istanbul, Turkey to tour some schools there.

In addition to my child development practicum I am taking a class on European Film (we are watching some really "interesting" things...), Gender and Sexuality, and then a Danish Language class. I promise you that I do not know much Danish because it is very hard to learn but I can say a few small things (you are welcome to quiz me when I come home).

Studying abroad is an experience that I would highly recommend to anyone, even if it is for a shorter term like Summer or Winter. You really get the opportunity to be immersed into a culture different than your own, meet tons of new people, and try things you never thought you would.

 Please feel free to ask me any questions or just write back introducing yourself! I look forward to meeting the new pledges next semester and seeing all of my brothers!

(These are just two of my favorite pictures from around the city- the first is Rosenborg Castle on a sunny day, which are kind of rare here! The second is of one of the canal streets near the Parliament Building.)

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  1. This is fantastic, Kimberly!! So excited to hear more about your semester!


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